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Why you should drive a car in Timisoara


Are you in Timisoara either for holiday or for business and considering renting car? Not sure how expensive the taxis will be and how you can reach the various places? We can gladly tell you about public transportation and taxis in Timisoara. Supposed you arrive at the airport and want to get into the city center. It will not be easy to find the one bus that goes in the center of Timisoara. In addition, the bus has a very infrequent schedule and is not particularly reliable. Another option would be to take a taxi. From the airport to the city of Timisoara it costs about 30 €. If you hire a car from Maki Car Rental, you can pick it up right at the airport. Our car prices are as low as 30 € per day.


The streets of Timisoara are very well marked, so that you will have no problems with your rental car, to find the various places and attractions. Only a few years ago, a shopping center called Julius Mall was built in Timisoara, which introduces some variation to everyday business life with its many modern shops and cafes. The marketplace in Timisoara is surrounded by historic buildings which turn the entire place into a beautiful theater setting. From here, you can make a side trip to the zoo or the botanical garden. Also the area around Timisoara can be well-explored with your rental car. Some recreation areas are close to the town. Especially on the weekend the locals come here for swimming, grilling and enjoying the sun. Recas is also a popular destination, famous for its excellent wine. Given that there are many private taxi drivers in Timisoara, you cannot be sure that they turn on their taximeters or that those will work correctly. It is not uncommon that they will charge immense sums if you are not careful. If you want to move independently around Timisoara and if you prefer to save money to spend for souvenirs, we recommend you hire one of our cars.

Why you should get your rental car from us

Maki Car Rental is a global car hire company which puts big value on good service and modern cars. We noticed that, many car rental companies operating especially in Timisoara, charge immensely high prices for often poor condition rental cars. Therefore we have set ourselves the task of offering modern cars and at reasonable prices there. See for yourself! Our booking engine will immediately show you pricing and availability of our cars. You will notice that there are no hidden costs to you. If you have further questions about the booking process, picking up or returning the car, or the payment methods you can contact our staff at all times. They will be happy to help via email, phone or live chat!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All cars under Maki Car Rental have fully comprehensive insurance coverage (CDW), which includes theft protection (TP) and third party liabilty (TPL). The insurance covers all cases except accidents caused from driving under the influence, violation of the rental terms or culpable negligence. Loss or damage of the car keys as well as personal belongings are not covered. Further items not covered by the insurance (e.g. tyres) may be presented to you during the booking process upon selection of the insurance package.

The deposit you need to pay depends on your chosen car type and insurance option. The amount will be shown during the booking process. If you choose an insurance option without deductible, you still have to pay a (small) deposit. This is to account for e.g. damages not included in the insurance, refueling, and late returns. You can pay the deposit when you pick up the car either in cash (in the currency shown; other currencies upon request) or by credit card. The amount will usually remain blocked on your credit card throughout the rental period, effectively lowering your spending limit. Therefore, please make sure that the full amount is available on your card and that the owner of the card is present at the time of pick-up. If the car is brought back in the same condition as when you picked it up, you will receive the full amount back. In Romania, the deposit is at least €0.

Tourists are allowed to use their existing drivers licence in Romania (non-EU citizens can only drive a vehicle for a maximum of 90 days). It must be possible to read your licence without special language skills. When in doubt, an EU or international drivers licence is recommended.

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