Why you should get your rental car from us

We, the founders of Maki Car Rental learned a few years ago that it is not easy to rent a car abroad at a reasonable price. Many providers offer either poor or overpriced cars. Maybe you have also been in a situation where you rented a car at a major car rental company and you wondered about the immense price you've paid. We have calculated the prices of the big brands and found out that the money does not go to the subcontractor, which owns the rental car, but into the pocket of the big agencies and their advertising budget. Our approach is based on a low commission for us and also a reasonable payout to the rental car owner. Our goal is that you can rent a modern car at a fair price. We currently offer rental cars on Mauritius, on the Seychelles' islands Mahé and Praslin, Reunion Island, and in Romania. In Romania we provide our cars primarily in Bucharest, Timisoara and Sibiu, but also in the rest of the country.