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A SPLENID WAY TO TRAVEL: Rent a Motor Home and explore New Zealand on your own terms!

New Zealand

New Zealand's geography is ideal for travelling by camper van. How do you plan on spending your vacation of a lifetime in New Zealand? Are you an avid hiker/backpacker/nature lover? Five to six weeks is recommended for travellers who really want to explore all that New Zealand has to offer at a leisurely relaxed pace. To explore the natural beauty of both islands, a minimum stay of four weeks is recommended.


Avoid spending your vacation time being rushed from one location or accommodation to the next; feeling over-heated, dehydrated and exhausted by day's end. Personalize your travels and excursions to your family's tastes by creating your own road trip itinerary. A family vacation doesn't have to feel like a tethered-ride at a theme park. Enjoy the freedom of pulling over the camper van when you come across a breathtaking location rather than peering through a dusty tour bus window at the scenery. There are very few limitations on where you can set up camp in New Zealand. Freedom Camping or free camping is permitted in most locations with the exception of private grounds or specifically designated areas.

While some tourists prefer to partake in fine dining or exotic New Zealand take-away while on holidays; others would be happier buying the local specialty produce, seafood, meats, cheeses, and baked goods available in New Zealand. For those travellers who are passionate about cooking; having a kitchen on board the RV is ideal. Be adventurous and try out an authentic Maori boil-up (a cross between a hearty soup and stew).

Conveniently, there are a lot of commercial campgrounds available across New Zealand. The Department of Conservation (DOC) operates many affordable state-owned campgrounds; however, these campgrounds do not provide electricity or bathing facilities. For those who enjoy the creature comforts of power outlets and public showers; Holiday Parks provide full access to these amenities; note that reservations are strongly advised during peak season. The Holiday Parks may have restrictive check-in and check-out times and in that case Freedom Camping may be your preference. Free camping is permitted only if your motor home is equipped with water and grey water tanks; as well as a pump and toilet . All of our campers are equipped with the above-mentioned features. An added bonus to renting a full-amenity RV is the ability to avoid public washrooms for your entire road trip.

For exploration of the North and South Island; we recommend a one-way rental. Your RV can be returned at your destination location which saves time and is very cost effective. Domestic flights in New Zealand are well-priced and affordable. You can get a flight from Christchurch back to Auckland for roughly 40 Euros per person. If you're keen on exploring both the North and South Islands; a one-way rental is highly recommended because it eliminates the need to take the inter island ferry which will will save you a lot of cash; better spent elsewhere.

New Zealand

North Island (Aukland → Wellington):

The Auckland metropolitan area happens to be the largest and most highly populated region in the country with 1.35 million residents. Of interest, Auckland is home to the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world. Bay of Islands is an ideal location for participating in a wide variety of water activities including, surfing tours; jet-skiing; catamaran tours; boat and sailing charters; deep sea and big game fishing; fly salmon/trout fishing; and inshore saltwater fishing. Immerse yourself in the Polynesian and Maori heritage and culture and spend a day-trip visiting Historical and Maritime museums.

Heading north you will reach Cape Reinga; (where two mighty oceans meet), at the northwestern-most tip of the Aupouri Peninsula. Take time to visit the lighthouse to experience the feeling of being at the edge of the world! Don't miss hiring a tour at 90-Mile-Beach; officially a highway at low tide, this exhilarating location offers surfing; swimming; body-boarding; and inshore fishing. Take a stroll through the Aupouri Forest to escape the heat of the midday sun.

Make your next stopover the Coromandel peninsula with its famous Hot Water Beach; a Kiwi experience you won't soon forget! Time your visit for 2 hours either side of low tide and dig your own hot springs spa pool; just look for the bubbles in the golden sand.

Continue on your RV driving tour to Rotorua and Taupo. This area is a must for all adrenaline junkies and thermal spa lovers. Blackwater rafting; kayaking; tandem skydive; Kaituna waterfall sledging – thrill-seekers have found their paradise! Being able to relax in the thermal hot-springs after an adrenaline-filled day is the icing on the cake.

Travel further to Waitomo and immerse yourself in the majestic 2500 metre high Mount Taranaki. To conclude your North Island trip, plan a stopover in Wellington; the gorgeous capital of New Zealand. Enjoy a stroll through the city centre and soak up the urban flair before venturing back to the awe-inspiring natural wonders that still await you.

South Island (Picton → Christchurch):

Sandy white beaches; antarctic glaciers and fjords await you on your motor home trip through South Island. The ferry will drop you off in Picton; a small scenic city well-known for its Ocean Museum at the harbour. From Picton, drive along the panoramic road passing Nelson on your way to Greymouth. A truly breathtaking drive – mountains on your left; the ocean on your right; and in between luscious green fields and pastures. Greymouth is reputed to be the city with the best quality of life in New Zealand. With a population of 20,000 residents; Greymouth offers a charming city centre with cozy cafés offering mouth-watering pastries and fine blend teas; lush green parks, and boutique shops.

As you continue on your driving tour down to Milford Sounds, you will pass Fox glacier. The scenery is second to none for sky-diving – for those who may have a few drops of adrenaline left! In Milford Sounds you will have the opportunity to explore a Maritime Paradise – rainforests; waterfalls; seals; dolphins; penguins! Make sure to bring your camera! A hiking trip is a great choice to discover the unique flora and fauna of your surroundings.

Hop in your camper van and from Milford Sounds the road will lead you to Queenstown. Situated directly at Lake Wakatipu; Queenstown offers spectacular views. Queenstown is a magnet for adrenaline junkies and winter sports fans. Although it is far from the southern-most point of New Zealand, many foreign travellers choose to turn around here and drive towards Christchurch; the biggest city on the Southern Island.

Christchurch offers a wide variety of attractions to discover; visit one of the many museums, don't miss taking your family (and camera) to the Orana Wildlife Park. Photography buffs and animal lovers will be delighted with the range of species who make Orana Wildlife Park their home. Lastly, opt for some deep relaxation therapy before your long flight home. Hanmer springs offers a pamper package for two adults: 1 nights accommodation at a 4 star hotel; sauna; massage; and a private thermal pool at a very affordable price point.

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Maki's free customized bonus features

The camper van market in New Zealand can be quite confusing for a lot of foreign travellers. There is a wide variety of brands and models and each rental agency seems to have different terms when it comes to features, insurance policies (windscreen, tires, underbody etc.), deductible, kilometre allowance and services. Additionally, only a few vendors have an online availability check, which could mean that after a couple of hours of comparing offers you end up receiving an email that tells you the vehicle of your choice is already sold out. We try to eliminate these unpleasant elements of comparing motor home rentals online. On our website you can check the availability automatically in a matter of seconds. We offer customer friendly insurance policies and only a few different tariffs which are transparent and easily explained. Another example of our customer- oriented service is free translation of any non-English language driver's license through an accredited translation bureau. This service is free of charge so there is no delay on your RV driving tour.

In addition, Maki Car Rental offers special services which originated from our own experiences in New Zealand. For example, internet access while on a road trip can be highly sought after by many foreign travellers. New Zealand's Holiday Parks and Hotels may offer a WiFi network, although the time and volume usage is quite limited, it's unencrypted and over-priced. If you require secure internet access while travelling, normally purchase of a local SIM card is necessary, and often extra hardware is required because your own may not work due to the CDMA network. For every rental of 14 days or more, and upon request, Maki Car Rental provides a free WiFi router including 2 GB traffic, which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of your camper van.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All cars under Maki Car Rental have fully comprehensive insurance coverage (CDW), which includes theft protection (TP) and third party liabilty (TPL). The insurance covers all cases except accidents caused from driving under the influence, violation of the rental terms or culpable negligence. Loss or damage of the car keys as well as personal belongings are not covered. Further items not covered by the insurance (e.g. tyres) may be presented to you during the booking process upon selection of the insurance package.

The deposit you need to pay depends on your chosen car type and insurance option. The amount will be shown during the booking process. If you choose an insurance option without deductible, you still have to pay a (small) deposit. This is to account for e.g. damages not included in the insurance, refueling, and late returns. You can pay the deposit when you pick up the car either in cash (in the currency shown; other currencies upon request) or by credit card. The amount will usually remain blocked on your credit card throughout the rental period, effectively lowering your spending limit. Therefore, please make sure that the full amount is available on your card and that the owner of the card is present at the time of pick-up. If the car is brought back in the same condition as when you picked it up, you will receive the full amount back. In New Zealand, the deposit is at least ~€143.

If your licence is not in English, you will need an international driver’s licence or a translation by an accredited translation office. We can arrange a free translation for you once you have made your first payment.
Please note that we currently can only translate German, Chinese, French and Italian driver’s licences.

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